Dr. Durakovic, 2010

Meet our Founder
prof. Asaf Durakovic


Dr. Durakovic, 2010

prof. Asaf Durakovic, MD, PhD, DVM, MSc, FACP

(May 16, 1940 - December 16, 2020)

Dr. Durakovic founded World Life Institute (WLI), an international humanitarian, educational and research organization with offices in Toronto, Canada, Washington, D.C., and Waterport, New York in 1986.
He was born in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1940. He became a highly respected medical doctor, doctor of sciences, and professor of medicine and life sciences with a specialty in nuclear medicine. In his extensive studies, he earned four doctorate degrees. He also attained the level of Colonel in the U.S. Army Medical Corps. Dr. Durakovic pursued a distinguished career of research, clinical practice, teaching, public service and authorship. He was a natural leader and visionary who uplifted the lives he touched.