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Children return to stable living environments in their home countries. Volunteer staff revisit children in their home countries. Children who participated remain in touch with the local caregivers and teachers years later. From this network Project Life volunteers have witnessed children who came to the program better to take on the world with renewed, lasting strength and confidence.

prof. Asaf Durakovic, MD, PhD, DVM, MSc, FACP

Project Life

In 1997 Dr. Durakovic established the Project Life War Orphan Rehabilitation Program. This international program helps to rebuild the lives of children victimized by war or natural disasters. Each year, a group of children is brought to upstate New York for three months. Orphans of war and disaster have come from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sri Lanka, the Caucasus region of Russia, and Afghanistan. The children are welcomed into the homes of loving families and participate in a daily therapeutic program of education and recreational activities. Volunteers from local churches, schools and community organizations meet the orphans adding to a rich cultural experience for everyone.

Meet our Founder
PROF, Asaf Durakovic

Lakeview Medical Office

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