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Opening ceremony of World Life Institute Center of Excellence headquarters, Medina, NY, 2016
prof. Asaf Durakovic, MD, PhD, DVM, MSc, FACP

Center of Excellence

World Life Institute encapsulates Dr. Durakovic’s vision of combining academics and  research with humanitarian engagement.  Efforts have emphasized research, education, healthcare and humanitarian service, intertwining these domains in synergistic ways when possible. 

Through the continued work and dedication of Dr. Durakovic, a multitude of conference presentations, field reports and training sessions has coalesced into a renewed vision: World Life Institute Center of Excellence (WLI-CoE).  At the heart of the new vision is a unique commitment to a publicly accessible form of higher education which integrates research and scholarship with humanitarian concerns for public health and welfare.  It is the position of WLI-CoE that an informed public is a healthier public and that a high quality education is a right, as opposed to a privilege.  Further, the ‘privilege’ should take the form of the development of strategies for engaging diverse communities in order to strengthen ties through mutual trust, education and empowerment.

In 2017 a new style of academic programming built upon and combining the work of UMRC and REM was launched.  This is the flagship program, Global Nuclear Awareness (GNA).

GNA examines one of the most significant interdisciplinary and professionally challenging issues facing the world in the 21st century:  the continued release and accumulation of radioactive isotopes into the global environment through various forms of industrial practices and nuclear weapons testing. 

Dr. Durakovic worked for the betterment of humanity through science and its real life application by concerned and informed communities. Through GNA, it is hoped that the vibrant tradition and vision established by Dr. Durakovic will continue. 

Dr. Durakovic (right) fencing with a colleague, VA Medical Center, Wilmington, Delaware, early 1990s

Meet our Founder
PROF. Asaf Durakovic

In Memoriam:  ‘Reeds’

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